What Does Kairei Mean?

So what exactly does Kairei mean? According to the dictionary, nothing. I made it up. Choosing a made up word for a business name allows for a lot of flexibility in changing what the company does over time. If you name your business “Hamburger House” it’s difficult to start selling something other than hamburgers. It is this thinking that went into the choice of our made up word: “Kairei.”

I tried for years to come up with something short and random, something meaningless yet cool; and of course the .com domain had to be available… I was never able to come up with anything that didn’t sound like it was made up by a pharmaceutical company selling drugs on TV or like I was trying too hard to sound cool. And a short .com name? Forget about it!

My second son was born recently and we named him “Rei.” Can you guess what my first son’s name is? It’s “Kai” of course! “Kairei.” That’s it! I finally had my perfect name. It’s short. It’s random. It’s meaningless to the world yet has deep meaning to me and my family (and no one has sacrificed more to make this company possible than my wife). It’s everything I ever wanted in a name and more. The name Kairei will always remind me why I’ve worked so hard my whole life as well as motivate me to keep striving to be the best I can be.

Brent Carter
Kairei Founder