リクルート means "recruit" in Japanese. Although it means the same thing in Japanese, in Japan it tends to be associated with foreign, multi-national companies more than Japanese companies. We're creating recruiting articles of interest to those on the hunt ... read more
マッサージ is taken from the English "massage" and is a directory of massage-related resources, including therapists, schools, jobs, and businesses both in Japan and abroad ... read more
Dorama is a Japanese word taken from the English “drama.” From cheesy love stories to humor and horror, Japanese dorama come in many shapes and sizes. They’re really good for learning Japanese language and culture too! ... read more
I love Japan. Always have, always will. Kaigai means “abroad” in Japanese and we’ve collected a bunch of interesting stories from foreigners who have visited Japan ... read more
If we are to make progress in this country, it must be based on a foundation of reasonable people. Join the movement to bring reason and civility back to the United States ... read more
ニュース means “news” in Japanese. It is taken from English but is pronounced “nyuusu” in Japanese. Here, we collect hyperlocal news from citizen journalists ... read more
女 means woman or women in Japanese (and Chinese for that matter). From woman-owned businesses to personal stories of success and inspiration, Japanese women have a place to speak their mind at 女.com ... read more
Get the changed file names between two revisions: git diff --name-only SHA1 SHA2 Get the changed file since a revision (includes local changes not yet pushed): git diff --name-only SHA1 ... read more
I had the WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme with the Two Column layout. I added a child theme and then wanted to change to the One Column layout but the "Appearance > Customize > Theme Options" menu item wasn't there. To fix, I reset my theme to the standard Twenty Seventeen (non-child) theme, ... read more
Seriously, I just want to annotate a PDF with my Apple pencil on my iPad. I refuse to print out paper to sign and scan anymore. It is 2017 for crying out loud. It seems like a simple enough task but I've tried every free app I could find and every one ... read more